Static site

HTML5  + CSS combo with some basic JavaScript. It has no dynamic content, but it’s perfect for simple portfolio and informative sites. The price contains 2 months of warranty (bug fixes).

Feature Price
Template based * 45.000 HUF
Unique site 70.000 HUF



WordPress is a very popular content management system, with a simple and easy to user admin interface. For any kind of dynamic content based site, like blogs and web shops, this is the perfect choice. The price contains 3 rounds of arrangement. 1 before starting the work, 1 during the development and 1 after finishing it **. The price contains 2 months of warranty (bug fixes) and taking care about WordPress core and plugin updates.

Feature Price Info
Template based * 75.000 HUF
Unique theme 105.000 HUF
WebShop + 35.000 HUF Only for template based sites.
Unique plugin + 30.000 HUF For existing sites too.
Multilingual + 25.000 HUF We are not translating, just making the content translatable.



If you are planning a complex Web App or an API for other platforms, this is what you need. Laravel is the best existing PHP framework for scalable applications with high traffic. The price depends on many things, so we don’t have fix fees here. Please contact us with your idea at [email protected] and we will send a tender for you, based on your project requirements.


* The templates aren’t included in the price.
** This arrangement is for discussing minor final changes if needed, and to be sure that the site meets your expectations.

About the arrangements: we can meet in Budapest personally, or we can communicate with Skype/Hangouts, email, or on the phone – whatever you prefer.