Hello, my name is Gergő, from Hungary. Mostly I focus on the back-end, but often I work with front-end technologies like native JavaScript and JS frameworks as well. Am I a full stack developer? No, not at all, design and CSS are not my field. That’s why I believe in teamwork when we can cover each other’s back.


When you need to measure yourself, it’s harder than you think. Mostly you see yourself through your efforts and you get a fake image of the real points of your skillset. It’s important to get feedback from the world around you to make your vision of yourself more realistic. These skills are not about my thoughts, but the feedbacks based on my work and skills that I really want to work on.

  • Laravel is the #1 PHP based web framework. Some people like it some hate it. What I see in Laravel, is the attitude that is behind it. Being simple and focus on the real needs. I work with Laravel for more than 2 years, I’ve completed 750+ Laracasts lessons, I write posts about Laravel continuously, I wrote several packages, but still, I learn something every day.
  • WordPress provides 27% of the websites. I used to develop themes, but as I said before the design is not my strength, so when I talk about WordPress mostly that means plugin development.
  • JavaScript is the most popular programming language right now. I’m not an expert in JS – not at all – but mostly I can bake out what a project needs. Also, I use the ECMAScript standards during my development.
  • HTML5 is an overwhelmed keyword, but if you know it’s API you understand why is that so powerful. I try to use the native API whenever I can, which makes the projects compatible with the main browsers.
  • Vue is the JS framework that brings the world of Laravel to the front-end. I was working with Angular before, but Vue adopted the simplicity that I needed so I switched. I work with the technologies (when I need) what belongs to the Vue ecosystem like Vuex, Vue-router.


Pine is a project with my very-very good friend, Ádám. We publish thoughts about development every week. We strongly believe it does not exist until it’s shipped. This is true for the knowledge you have as well. If you don’t share what you know, it does not exists.

When we work we all the time learn new things. We believe the next step of obtaining knowledge is sharing it. You are not becoming less if you share what you have, but hopefully, you make other developer’s life a bit easier.

That’s why we created Pine.

My Teammate

I already mentioned Ádám. Pine is not the only thing that we do together. Besides that, he is definitely one of my closest friends, we work together a lot. Since Ádám is specialized for the front-end technologies and design, we can compensate for the “weaknesses” of the other. It’s a perfect match.

If you have an idea or a project, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Mostly I work with Laravel. I try to explore it’s core more and more to be able to bring the best solutions I can.


I focus on plugin development, by keeping in mind the modern and up-to-date concepts of PHP development.


Vue helps to make an app more seamless and user-friendly. By using the Vue ecosystem, it’s very possible.